Doggie Treats?!

A lot of dog lovers, such as myself, give their pets treats all the time even if the dog doesn’t do anything impressive. They can just be sitting there looking cute and we go ahead and hand them a treat. The reason I’m addressing this on my blog is because this is a terrible way to raise any living being. Think about if you just gave a child everything they wanted at the time they wanted it, without teaching them they have to first interact with the world in a positive way and THEN, they will receive a reward. The same concept goes for dogs, cats, it doesn’t matter. This was just a quick note I wanted to drop in to my readers!

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A Realtor That Loves Dogs

Did you know out of the millions of realtors that exist today, VERY FEW actually showcase their personality. That’s insane, right?! You may be asking yourself, “ok, but what does this have to do with dogs?”. Well, good question, let’s get into the nitty gritty.

How To Run A Dog Loving Real Estate Brokerage

If you love dogs and are a realtor, it is an obligation of yours to share your passion with potential clients. Why? because it helps make a connection with other people who also share your same passion. People have been using every excuse in the book as to why their real estate business is plummeting. This is the real reason, you’re not making the right connections with the right people. Think about it, would your 8 yr old child want to have a fat greasy looking mechanic serve them ice cream? Or a pleasant looking, smiling person with clean and colorful clothing? I know the answer and I know you do as well..

This concept is something lots of businesses have trouble with. It’s very hard to understand that business is really this simple, but it’s true! The core to any business is revenue, I don’t care what anyone else says. The reason a business is built is to generate revenue. The way revenue is generated, is by marketing properly (hence the concept above). What needs to happen, is a genuine connection between you (the realtor) and the client. If you say you like dogs and show a picture, you want to only do that with other like-minded individuals, this will not be effective on everyone. I’ll show you how to do this.

The “Icebreaker” Method

First off, you need to have an “icebreaker” where you expressively show your interest in dogs, then wait and hear their reaction. Not only listening but also watching their body language. This will give you an ok to either go ahead and continue talking about dogs or not. Doing this will save you fro actually hurting yourself in a deal. You definitely want to avoid rambling on about your pets or kids to someone that is resistant to it. Only talk about your passion further and ask questions about theirs if they seem receptive from the icebreaker.

This is just one example of how you can run your business off of your passion. This makes your business much easier and able for you to look forward to your everyday tasks! The power behind this is magical – surrounding your business mindset with your passion is incredible once it’s done. It will give you a massive boost of confidence and drive to run your business in the way you dreamt it from the get go.

I promise you, if you found this helpful in anyway, we have LOADS of information we’re going to be uploading to this blog. Information on how you can practically run virtually any business, while sticking to your core passion – loving dogs!

No Secret Business Success Formula!

There’s no secret formula to success with any business. But from what we show you here on Massiestaffys, I assure you that you’ll be a hell of a lot further in your business than without this information. This concept of tying in your passion for dogs into your business is one of the most powerful things you’ll come across. This website is intended to feed you with constant information as to how this can happen and be implemented in your actual business. This article was brought to you by a realtor that loves dogs Trish Nash Team Henderson Real Estate Agents. We take requests for articles around your specific niche or company name. If you’d like to sponsor this website with your business, please contact us today.

Following this site and sharing it with your peers will guarantee your success and your colleagues success in business. I say this because I know how powerful these concepts are. Also the way we’re running this blog, dripping posts out regularly over time, will keep you motivated and on track to follow our business advice.

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Business Around Passion

You didn’t know you can run any business around your passion for dogs?

Anyone who loves dogs wants to be in some line of work that includes spending time with or at least is in the subject of dogs. What most people don’t know, is how many different businesses can be created around dogs. Knowing this simple fact can get you going in the right direction towards starting your own business. You’ll be surprised what will be unfolded on our website in the coming months! Stay tuned to learn how to follow your dreams with the right type of business that will put food on the table AND feed your happiness at the same time!

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